Methylene Blue 1%

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Methylene Blue 10mg/ml - 1%:  Sterile surgical dye for marking of tissues and operative findings and to check the tightness of urinary tract and colorectal sutures

Medical device: Class IIa
Container: Pre-filled syringe

Methylene Blue

The product is a surgical blue dye and is especially useful in:

-          Visualisation of sentinel lymph nodes to enable excision

-          Identification of renal cavity during nephrolithotomy
-          Identification of renal cavity during surgery

-          Identification of urinary or colonic fistula before excision

-          Marking of pilonidal sinus before surgical removal

-          Preoperative marking of stoma prior to excision

-          Check of the tightness of urinary tract and colorectal sutures

-          Box containing 5 pre-filled syringes of 10ml


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The product may be ordered directly via e-mail to, and can be delivered directly to the clinic, as the product is a medical device.

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